About Us

We provide freelance Legal Service as an Advocate in the Nature of Public Interest Litigation (P.I.L) i,e in Public Interest.

Work done well, with a personal touch. That’s our commitment!

Our job starts with you: understanding what you need, so we can offer you options that make sense.

Products and Services

“~The L.P.R Foundation, India: Our Goal/A Value Driven Legal Service System & Transforming Lives.

“~L.P.R (LPRIAN)_ Continuing The Legacy With Outstanding Performance.

“~L.P.R: Freelance Legal Service

“~L.P.R Tutorial: Opportunity To Become_ #CLAT Preparation #AIBE Preparation #Internship Programme #Legal Advisor #Legal Journalism #Judgeship -Features: 1. Affordable Fee Structure. 2.Experienced And Renowned Legal Personalities As Faculty. 3. Well Stocked Library And All Equipped Computer Lab With Internet. 4. A Specially desined programme to make students perform: Ambition + Guidance + Practice = Result.

We’re always happy to talk about how we can best serve you.

Not sure what you need, or what it costs? We’re here to help.

Get in Touch

L.P.R Foundation, India
Head Office: Vedbatti Bhawan, Paghari, Baheri, District-Darbhanga-847105(Bihar) India
E-mail: lprfoundation918@gmail.com

Copyright ©: 2021 L.P.R Foundation – All rights reserved

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